The Glide collection is composed by table and floor lamps, in generous dimensions, our objective was to create a product based on the archetypes, bus thought in modern key full of small details to compose a rich decorative and abstract object, refined and elegant thru the use of a rich material combination that is still soft to the eye, harmonic and cult. This is possible they the use of the golden section, a rule studied by Leonardo Davinci that is fully integrated in our creative process. A thin metal bar holds the lamp hat, and a beautiful structure in solid tauarí wood composes the structure, in the lower section of the lamp we have metal oval pipes and a resin molded form that unite them and holds the wire straight. The objects are conceived with a lot of love and worked by hand with precision in the hole process in São Paulo, Brazil.


Solid wood, CNC milled metal, resin, textiles.



Production site

(Português do Brasil) Brasil

Estimated production time

4-8 weeks