Many panoramas are part of our repertoire of inspirations, the Fiastra collection, is the result of our experience in the Italian Marche region, specifically the city of Fiastra, so the collection is a tribute to this wonderful region, where the outdoor environment prevails and is represented by unique images, the abstraction of these qualities led us to create a prevalent collection in wood, warm and welcoming material, represented by generous and solid thicknesses and dimensions, a slatted backrest and arms with subtle thick metal elements provide the contrast and enrich Details. In upholstered silver, we opted for pillows in organic format for the back and rational in the accent, the collection can be used with or without the upholstery. Our priority was to create a memorable collection as well as the region, with contrasts that represent our style, always without giving up comfort and cutting edge design, which in turn are represented by robust solutions that will last for generations.


Solid wood, textiles.



Estimated production time

4-8 weeks