The “Fence” collection concept is inspired by the country side elements that are part of the daily life, to create this premium outdoor collection the main question asked was how to translate this basic elements in to interesting design solutions. In the project development journey we have chosen the silhouette from a regular fence object and started modelling the metal structure to hold a solid wood, outdoor ready arm. This union of “high low” is made possible using military grade aluminium that is milled from a solid block to obtain a seamless union, a breathing room for the wood is left so it can adapt to most variate kinds of climates. The metal and solid wood structure are used together with a unique nautical hope that combines two types of sections to create a unique detail that is tangled together, and mounted in the structure to hold the upholstery. On the proportion side the objective was to use abundant upholstery elements studied in detail to have well defined ergonomics that are a joy to use and invite users to experience pleasure and hours of use without compromisses, balancing design and function to obtain a unique collection that uses premium material for the outdoors or an alternative to indoors. As most of our collection this line accepts COM, and we offer a wide variety of textiles, metal finishes, colours of rope and two woods, the sofas and tables may be customised in size and we offer all modules to layout so it fits your next high-end project. In the case of COM we need to receive the materials in our facility.


Metal, textiles, nautic rope, solid wood.   



Estimated production time

4-8 weeks