A collection developed to create items that explore the union between aesthetics, ergonomics and comfort, balancing this three fields to create items that encourage the extended use inviting to long meeting and gatherings with friends around the table or the place of choice. The chairs can be considered as a hybrid, so it can be used as a dining chair, or a side chair in the living space in cases that require a smaller item than a full-size armchair. The design concept is based in the lapel of blazers, so the overall shape has an organic design that recall the concept’s figurative side, creating a sophisticated look that impacts with its visuals. The items shells are made from a flexible light material, that adapt to the users bodies in a soft, light way. This organic element disposed in a rational way is embraced by a strong solid wood structure, milled with the use of last gen cnc machines, assembled and finished with love and care of humans, generating a rigid structure with fluid aesthetics. Another two options integrate the collation lineup, a central rotating base with a disk shape, that are more discrete and minimalist looking than the perimeter structure, that allows more movement from the users. The sum of all this elements results in performance seatings, that prioritise the user and provides a memorable experience, with cutting-edge design elements thought from the proportions up to the minimal details.


Height: 29.52 in. (75 cm) Width: 35.82 in. (91 cm) Depth: 31.49 in. (80 cm) Seat Height: 16.14 in. (41 cm)


Solid wood , textiles or leathers.



Estimated production time

4-8 weeks