Our Evo collection is based in the harmonic fusion between geometrical forms in a modern interpretation of wood archetypes, combining a rational defined outcome with the warmth of organic shapes in a fluid continuous outline that merges the elements in a pleasant graphical solution, that invites to seat and enjoy the living and dining areas. A design style that can be defined as modern Brazilian design with a Scandinavian twist, interpreted in Minimalist contemporary key and a touch of retro warmth typical from the wood work construction. All elements of the EVO pieces are precisely engineered to input hardwood blocks to a Hybrid 5-Axis CNC milling machine that carves and sculpt the wood with precision to achieve minimal thicknesses, transitions between elements and superb definition, every piece of this collection items passes in a array of manual crafting processes until a they are manually assemble together to create the final product, that contains precise and tangent junctions between pieces that discard the need of metal pieces of any kind, the combination of this attributes give life to a sturdy and durable object that will live thru out many generations to come. Together with the design style and engineering we dedicated tremendous time to balance the ergonomics, focusing on the user and giving the comfort it needs. The back portion of the chairs and stools fully support the user weight embracing the body back thru a generous arch implemented in the wood sculpting process. Expect a stunning, elegant object, designed with passion in a project that evolved with our studio story, the tables are manufactured in solid wood in all the perimeter, this pieces are carved from blocks as the other pieces that compose the collection. Within the legs we use a metal reinforcement that is mounted in the component itself, so hidden inside a steel bar will provide more support, the wooden leg is fix to a carved attachment and the metal portion is mounted in a steel frame in the top.


Height: 40.5 in. (103 cm) Width: 16.9 in. (43 cm) Depth: 16.5 in. (42 cm) Seat Height: 28.7 in. (73 cm)


Solid wood , textiles or leathers. Full wood seating or upholstered.



Production site


Estimated production time

4-8 weeks