The Aurora collection aka Dawn marks a new exiting moment in our design history, in where we dove deep in to the creativity unknown, to create a collection that would be able to hold such name, a strong piece, one that have unique distinction from anything that is seen thus far, emerging from full wood blocks we have created delicate shapes that rotate in multiple axis, sculpted and worked with passion, so the pieces resemble a ballet of noble fluids, that merge together in harmony. Using the wooden edges were able to orchestrate the organic shapes and create a visible well-defined silhouette were the volumes are defined by the “golden section” (Leonardo da Vinci’s proportion studies) for the visual pleasure the pieces communicate in person.

The project is a two-year passionate journey, that took off with a few sketches, landed with 1:10 3d prints and 1:1 details, so we could model this parts and study a robust assembly made to last, we could achieve elegant design solutions that are functional and strong, wile in parallel verify the comfort elements that exceeds the highest standards for a daily dining / side chair / stools. 

The project focus was to create a collection that joins great unique design, ergonomics with an elite premium manufacturing, wile been able to customize with a large array of possibilities on the pieces compositions, to mention a few – for the caning lovers we have you covered with the available back in caning and caning seating, if you like to combine the back in caning with an upholstery seating, maybe COM, or there are cases when you feel a fully wooden chair would be the case? Perhaps it will make more sense to have the back upholstered with a unique leather and seating as well? These are all possibilities that makes this pieces highly co-creative, able to join the strength and taste from prestigious architects and designers around the globe in their memorable ambitions and project goals. The pieces are available in stool form, with or without arms, customizable to the needed hight, and Chairs with or without arms.


Height: 82 cm (32.29 in) Width: 59 cm (23.23 in) Depth: 52 cm (20.48 in) Seat Height: 46 cm (18.12 in)


Solid wood , textiles or leathers.



Estimated production time

4-8 weeks